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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Out of the fog with 200 miles to go

After three days and nights of sailing in fog we emerged from the fog last night and found ourselves in perfect visibility under a crystal clear sky with shooting stars. The price for clear skies was no wind and consequently, motor noise. As we motored the seas that had built during the day subsided. We'd been sailing close hauled all day with OK wind but the wind was coming straight from Sitka, so we were making good progress towards Kodiak Island, where we don't want to go. There is no moon at night this time of month so the only thing keeping us from seeing every star was the short night. At this latitude sunrise is officially at 4:52 by Marcy's clock. At 2AM the there was a rosy glow in the sky to the east. By 3AM the glow on the horizon had made most of the eastern stars disappear. The gentle dawn brought with it a light but favorable wind that was unexpected, but very welcome. The wind filled in by 3:30AM and we were sailing again headed at 4 knots directly toward Sitka. Now as we approach mid-day we have raised the spinnaker and are enjoying a comfortable sunny day. It is surprising that we have used the spinnaker so much and the storm staysail so little on this trip. We staged the hank on staysail on the foredeck before departing Hawaii and have only sailed with it for about 6 hours while we've enjoyed several days worth of spinnaker weather. With luck, we'll be tucked in at Sitka before the real wind starts to blow with a low that's expected to push through on Wednesday.



At 10:24 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Where are you? In Sitka we hope, busy do shore chores.



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