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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Marcy in Hawaii

Full Radio Bay

At first, Radio Bay in Hilo seemed a bit like prison for sailboats. Marcy was not allowed to move around the area. Amazingly, we were not allowed to have any visitors. And the crew were only allowed to leave the quay and the restroom area under security escort. To leave the port to go shopping or explore we were required to call the security station, and someone would be sent to escort us through the port to the street. Our first challenge was to try to get our African cell phone working – no easy task in the mall. Finally we found one provider who offered a SIM card that worked, and we became heavy users of port security. As we got to know them - Moku, Pretty, Leah, Lena, Honeygirl and Bryner - we found that they were a cheerful and hardworking bunch. We looked forward to our daily interactions.

Honeygirl Leah Pretty . Pretty Leah Lena

Lena on duty

We set the awning to protect us from the fierce sun and the daily rain (we were on the windward side of the island here) and Peter started in on the inevitable list – including cleaning and greasing winches and reattaching stanchions.

workin at Radio Bay

Beautiful little finches brightened up the mornings. We saw turtles and many fish cruised through.

Radio Bay finch

A family nursed an old Ericson to the quay. The son, Tyler, swam their stern line ashore and told us of their tough crossing from Southern California. The headstay was broken, engine dead, chartplotter failed, and transom cracked. The list on Marcy suddenly seemed very doable. The kids borrowed our canoe as the parents brought wet gear on deck to dry. It was nice to see how patient Tyler was with his little sister.

Coral and Tyler BMA

The skipper of the Hilo pilot boat, Mike, stopped by and introduced himself. He was a great help to cruisers. He knew all the sources for hardware, helped refuel by jerrycan, and even dispatched a piglet that was ravaging his garden, and brought it down for pork sandwiches for Peter.

Peter with Mike and piglet

Mike and Peter refuel

Mike also brought flowers for Ginger and beer for Peter. What a welcome for sailors!

Hawaii flowers

On days we could get out and walk, we enjoyed Banyon Drive. Ginger wasn't sure what sort of meeting was in process, but it sounded good.

overcoming faith

Ginger gave the cute neighbor girl, Coral, a new sun hat.

Corals new hat

Coral came over to watch a movie, to get her nails polished, and to help bake banana cake.

Coral bakes

Finally the repairs were done on the Ericson “Blow Me Again” and the family set sail for Guam. Still no engine or chartplotter. Spirits were high as they were towed out of the bay.

John Lynn Coral Tyler and Chuck head out

BMA leaves

Repairs were “finished” on Marcy, also, so a day or two later we also headed out. We sailed down overnight to the south end of the Big Island, turned north and coasted up the lee side. We found a nice little cove, Honomalino, and dropped the hook to swim and hike for a few days.

G n Marcy Honomalino

Just ashore of Marcy, Ginger found a blow hole in the lava.

blow hole 1 . blow hole 2

The bottom is perfectly visible 20 feet down. We jump in the water in the afternoon heat and snorkel around the rocks. Part of the reason the water is so clear here is that there is a drought on this part of the island. Mindful of the water shortage we carefully rinse off with few cups of fresh water. The last rain here was months ago.

swim rinse

It is great to be anchored in a tropical water again.

Marcy Honomalino Bay



At 1:28 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Wow! You're getting close to Seattle...are you heading back this way now? I just ran across this article:


When you get back to Ballard, you'll have to share your own adventure stories!

Smooth sailing wishes to you both...

~ Kelli & Jeff :-)

At 10:02 AM, Blogger JetCityJester said...

Great to see you guys safe and sound after the big crossing - You know the Big island well, so have fun!


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