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Friday, April 02, 2010

The April Fools

As we sit in Puerto Ingles twiddling our thumbs we feel that we are The April Fools. We've checked our weather carefully and tied up and put away everything on the boat in readiness for some wind and bouncy seas. The express train known as a high is coming through and we're planning to ride that up to the trade winds around 25 south. With several oceans in our wake we feel qualified to make the decision about when to go to sea. In fact, one of the most difficult decisions is going when there is lots of wind because it's better than going with no wind. We know these things. We have been anchored in the shelter of a lighthouse waiting for the wind to come around a bit more west than north so we wouldn't have to sail too close to the wind. As we called the lighthouse this morning, and using our best Spanish told them that we are leaving they said "Have a nice trip" or something like that.. next came the SECOND call. We know better than to answer when they call back.. but what harm could there be in answering? We shouldn't have answered. The port of Ancud is closed and we are officially in their district if not in their port so we are not authorized to leave. Arrgh! Not because of current conditions but because of the forecast for some windy squalls! We're sitting here because maybe a forecast will come true and some windy squalls might come through?! Of course, the Marcy captain would like to leave and the mostly law-abiding crew would like, if not permission, at least not NO. Our departure is further complicated by currents that run at such a rate that we actually saw speed over ground of 14.4 knots for an extended period of time when coming through the channel. We would prefer to leave at the end of the ebb and get a push out to sea rather than getting sucked back in toward Chile. So, we plot, we wait, we do a few last minute projects and we complain about officials who would keep an ocean going vessel from going to sea because of a squally forecast. We've heard if one runs out of fuel the Armada will transfer some free of charge. We're wondering if we're forced to wait here until the wind dies will they meet us a few hundred miles up the coast to refuel? If we leave anyway will they chase us down? Would they shoot at us for leaving in unsafe conditions? And which is worse, trying to leave on April Fools day or on a Friday? We have lots of time to wonder..

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