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Monday, May 11, 2009

Out of Africa (Finally!)

At anchor Walvis Bay

As we bobbed at anchor in Walvis Bay preparing to cross the Atlantic, we explored what we could of the area. Our home base was the Yacht Club, a friendly, neat and tidy place.



The bird life was prolific: we saw beautiful flamingos, all types of beach wading birds, and sometimes the semi tame pelicans greeted us as we did our shore chores.

got fish

WB pelican

The long sand spit was home to thousands of seals. On windy days flies that live with the seals were blown down to Marcy. We learned that thankfully they are not human biters.

Walvis Bay pests

The longer we stayed in Walvis Bay, the more our first impressions of fog and sand were verified. Back at Marcy, we encountered – more fog! The tin dinghy is working very well for us.

Peter and Wee Beastie . Peter and Wee Beastie 2

Transportation is important in this town as it can be a very hot long walk from the residential neighborhoods to downtown. As we admired the local “Challenger” bicycles one man told us it is the “Namibian Lamborghini”

Namibian cycle Namibian Lamborghini 1
Namibian Lamborghini 2

Taxi's here are like mini bus services. People share taxis and the drivers are always on the lookout for new passengers. One afternoon our taxi driver took some other customers home before delivering us to the yacht club. On the taxi ride to the suburbs we saw – more sand!

edge of town WB

WB dunes

SWAPO flags were flying everywhere. The houses were small but interesting. Soccer fans declare their allegience on the outsides of their houses.

soccer fan home

The neighborhood bar was doing well.

People's Bar WB

The houses closer to town seemed very upscale in comparison.

Goden Fang 1930 WB

After admitting defeat with our broken radio it was time to go. We completed the important shopping. We need to have food onboard to last well over a month, the next major shopping will be in Brazil.

provisioning WB

Last trip ashore to customs got all the paperwork in order, so we hoisted the dinghy, lashed everything down, and sailed out to sea. St. Helena, last home of Napoleon, here we come!



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