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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cape Town

spotty penguin

Marcy rounded the Cape of Storms on a breezy, but thankfully not stormy afternoon. Ginger, ever happy with cold weather, was bundled up and all smiles in the chilly breeze.

bundled Ginge Cape of Good Hope

cape of Good Hope wave

The moon rose over Africa as Marcy plunged down the Atlantic swells.

rounding Cape of Storms

As we arrived in Cape Town in the wee hours of the morning, gusts of 40 and 50 knots blasted us. We were prepared for this because we had read about the famous wind called the Cape Doctor that rules this area. The wind is named so because is sweeps all of the bad air out of town and keeps everyone healthy, and it's signature is the white cloud on Table Mountain – the tablecloth.

RCYC yard

We tied up at the Royal Cape Yacht Club as the wind, unusually cooperative, died completely for a few hours. The next morning, after admiring the stunning view of Table Mountain and tablecloth, we arranged to have Marcy hauled out.

flying Marcy RCYC

In addition to bottom paint and new zincs, we took the rudder off to fix the long time problems with worn bearings and a nasty leak.

drop rudder

A crew working under the instruction of the very competent foreman made short work of our problems.

happy pair

Ginger wisely left the boatyard grime for a few hours and returned from a visit to the V & A Waterfront mall (retail therapy?) looking fresh and wonderful.

windy Ginge

The tablecloth remained set, however, and every night we wondered if would tip over in a gust. It never happened, of course, and we found a few windless hours just before relaunching to rebuild the trusty wind vane.

new bearings

The yard manager himself manned the crane to relaunch Marcy.

David at the controls

The yard guys were as happy as we were to see Marcy safely back in the water.

Jerome the sailor man

After missing seeing penguins in New Zealand, we vowed to make an effort to see them up close here. Louis, an African friend and fellow sailor we first met in Darwin, offered to drive us to the nearby rookery.

Louis and Ginge penguin warning sign

We saw plenty of the little buggers, first in ones and twos, then in the dozens.

wary Ginger

Boulder Bay penguins

It was good to get away from the boat and be sightseeing tourists for a while.

dog statue and Peter

After the wonderful time sightseeing,

3 sightseers

we went back to our routine refreshed. As Ginger prepares for a short visit to Seattle, she cooks a few meals ahead for Peter. He will stay behind to work on the “list.”

cooking Ginge



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