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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Port Louis, Mauritius

sleepy lion Mauritius

Port Louis is a prosperous, bustling city. It took most of the day to clear into the country. After the formalities, the crew of the Marcy felt like this stone lion. The paperwork was formidable - all of the officers were friendly but very thorough.

paperwork Mauritius

customs officers Mauritius

Once cleared, we moved Marcy to a small basin where most of the yachts are tied. It was very convenient to just step ashore anytime we wanted, but it took some time for us to get used to the gawkers. We lived our daily life in a fishbowl, every evening a parade of families walked the quai walls.

gawkers Mauritius

Marcy at quai Mauritius

We were in the shadow of a big hotel, unfortunately making radio communication with our friends that were still at sea almost impossible.

hotel view from Marcy

Our neighborhood was a shopping village done in faux “old Europe” and developed by a South African company. It was an attractive environment, full of restaurants, shops, and happy pedestrians.

bridge Mauritius

To explore further afield, we teamed up with Swedes Christina and Jan, hired a taxi, and spent a day on the road. At our first stop, we saw land turtles and water features.

tortoises Mauritius

flume Mauritius

pond Mauritius

We stopped at a Tamil temple with wonderful painted statues and designs.

tamil temple Mauritius

cow tamil temple Mauritius

fierce tamil protector Mauritius

tamil cobras Mauritius

We saw monkeys at the Hindu temple on the hill with the gigantic statue of Shiva.

monkeys Mauritius

shiva Mauritius

ganesha Mauritius

top of temple Mauritius

We stopped at a ship model manufacturing shop, one of the island’s signature cottage industries.

model ships Mauritius

model rigging Mauritius

child ladder maker Mauritius

On the drive back to the boat we were treated to views of the landscape and ocean.

Mauritius view

Exhausted, we made plans to head out to sea the very next day. We missed having our daily chat on the radio net and needed to get moving again. Destination, Madagascar: land of lemurs, vanilla, and rum.

Mauritius flower



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