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Monday, November 10, 2008

Crossing the Mozambique Channel

We left Belo Sur Mer hoping to head straight for Durban. We are in an area where cold fronts sometimes pass as often as every 5 days and the wind associated with the cold fronts can be sudden and strong lasting 10 hours or more before moderating for the following couple of days. Well, we picked a time where a string of low pressure systems are marching by regularly south of Africa with associated cold fronts also regularly marching by. Currently we're headed for Mozambique to work our way down
the coast in between weather systems. We have had plenty of wind, we're just hoping to avoid getting too much all at once.
We are now about 200 nautical miles from the coast and might be tucked in to an anchorage by Wednesday morning. We check in daily with the weather guy, Roy, on the Peri-Peri radio net. He advises us when to run for cover. Otherwise all is well on board and with our bottom all cleaned courtesy of the boys at Nosy Lava we're making good time.



At 5:28 PM, Blogger Trev said...

What an amazing trip, thanks for sharing the great pictures.


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