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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Rodrigues Island

sunset pirogue Rodrigues

Our passage to Rodrigues Island was wet and wild. The motion was enough cause an explosion in Peter’s expresso pot, further degrading an already compromised standard of living. Lucky no one was burned as the pot shot forward, spraying hot coffee as it went. Instant coffee was served the rest of the trip. At one point we sailed for 24 hours, at speed, covering 180 miles, with only 2 feet of the jib unrolled - otherwise showing no sail at all. As a big wave came on board, we lost our trusty storm jib overboard and suffered a rip in the dodger. The same wave managed to defeat our air vent plugs on the inadequate flying saucer vents and send gallons of salt water onto Ginger as she slept in her bunk. What a rude awakening!

blown coffee pot

wet Indian Ocean

wetter Indian Ocean

You can imagine how happy we were to see the port of Mathurin appear behind our wounded dodger.

dodger hole

After formalities, and the confiscation of our speargun, we eagerly explored. As it turned out, the pretty little town easily furnished all that we needed. Peter was pleased to learn that local fishing is daily done under pole and sail on the nearby reef.

poling reef Rodrigues

The lateen rigged boats show the influence of Africa . With our front row seat (Marcy was anchored within feet of the reef) we were able to observe the techniques of tacking and jibing, and saw how the rig is reefed. These boats went out in all sorts of serious wind.

sail Rodrigues

The town has wonderful little shops.

shop Rodrigues shop Rodrigues 2

shop Rodrigues 5 shop Rodrigues 3

shop Rodrigues 4 street Rodrigues

Ginger enjoyed the open air food market. It was crowded, bustling, and full of delicious food.

Ginger carrots Rodrigues

paying for eggs Rodrigues

She even braved the meat market – and Peter appreciated that very much.

meat market Rodrigues

A little bit of everything is sold here. People could not be friendlier, and most spoke English as well as French and Creole.

tv for sale Rodrigues basket vendor Rodrigues

Like us, a local dog is exhausted watching all the activity.

dog Rodrigues

To get back to Marcy, we needed to walk to the quai.

quai Rodrigues

Then jump at least 3 feet down to the tug.

tug Rodrigues tug 2 Rodrigues

Then hop into Sniffy and head out to Marcy.

sniffy at tug Rodrigues

Back onboard, Ginger tries to figure out what to do with the cucumber the size of a small watermelon.

big cuke Rodrigues

So she tackled the dodger repair.

dodger repair Rodrigues

After rest and repair, we decided we were ready for the hop to Mauritius. The Coast Guard gives Ginger a ride back to Marcy after clearing out. She carries our speargun, and we are free to depart.

coast guard Rodrigues

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