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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Day 3 Mauritius to Madagascar

We seem to have good weather luck on this passage, as we get closer to the north cape of Madagascar the wind is moderating and the seas are growing calm. As this area is known for huge seas and higher than average winds, we are looking forward to the light winds that have been forecast when we round the cape in 2 days. Our last full day in Mauritius was spent touring the island with Swedes Jan and Christina from the boat Christina. It was a full day and we enjoyed seeing much of the island. Leaving
Mauritius was uneventful except for the tedium of dealing with too many officials but all was handled in under 2 hours and we were on our way. We'd been a bit under the weather on Mauritius and the head colds we have been fighting made us both more prone to sea sickness as we put to sea. It's bad enough to have one crew member sick but both crew members sick at the same time is tough. By the second day we were both feeling a bit better though Peter's ability to recover quickly with an amazing
ability to eat steak and other hearty meals continues to be astonishing to Ginger who has only now graduated from saltines to rice. The weather is getting warmer as we head north and we're starting to anticipate great swimming conditions when we anchor at Nosy Be. Blue skies, small seas and steady 12 knots of wind are making for a fairly comfortable passage. Happily, this is nothing like our last few Indian Ocean hops. As our charts say "Madagasikara" here we come!



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