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Monday, August 11, 2008

About 1100 nm to Cocos Keeling

We've had wind since leaving Ashmore Reef, well, actually unfortunately we've had wind since we got to Ashmore Reef, but the wind has made for pleasant sailing and we're watching the miles roll by on the GPS. The jib is winged out on the pole and the seas are about 1 to 2 meters and there's a bit of a roll to the ride so far. We're headed almost dead down wind so the occasional big wave really throws us around. The days have been sunny and hot and the nights have been cool and enjoyable. We've
seen several well lit fishing boats at night that we have so far managed to avoid. The rudder leak repair is mostly keeping out the water and the fresh veggies will hold out for a while longer. We've been reading, making water, doing small boat projects, baking bread and keeping to our watch schedule. We check in daily on a morning radio net with other boats headed our way and it's good to hear how everyone else is getting on. There are lots of birds out here but we haven't seen much other wildlife.
It's harder to spot wildlife when there are waves and wind.

There is a new protocol effective August 1 for our kd7oko email. Any email with: //WL2K to begin the subject line will be sent through to our in box. If you've emailed us and it was rejected try again with an amended title. We'd love to hear from you.



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