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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Marcy on the way to OZ

The good ship Marcy has cleared out of New Caledonia and we are on our way to Cairns, Australia. In NC, we've enjoyed baguettes and people watching while sipping tiny coffees. Not to mention the almost deserted and gorgeous little islands with coral sand beaches that dot the lagoon. And we'll miss sailing here, with warm soft tradewinds and lagoon flat seas. As for the sea snakes, well, we're not quite used to them yet. As we head on into the Coral Sea we'll probably see more of these highly poisonous
but kind of cute critters.

Our passage will take more than a week, and we will pass through the most reef studded ocean waters we've experienced to date. We've spent hours plotting a course that threads through the dangers. We're looking forward to landing in Australia, the first continent (the smallest one!) that we've stood on since North America 14 months ago.



At 4:37 PM, Blogger S/V Cape St. James said...

Lots of very good and unusal foods in OZ. Be sure to try Vegemite.

Smooth Sailing,
Fran and Jim

13 & 1/2 days and counting down!!!

At 12:03 PM, Blogger Ciel & Angela said...

Hi there Peter and Ginger! I have really enjoyed keeping up with your blog - definitely the best one I've ever seen. I'm always a little envious and wish I was still out there cruising - but then you put that video on from the New Cal passage, and I remember why I wanted a break! Really though, I'm glad to see you two happy and healthy. We are back to work here in San Francisco before moving to Hawaii in August. Keep in touch, happy sailing!
Cheers, Ang


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