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Thursday, November 01, 2007


As we departed Savusavu some ladies rafted by in great style.

Ladie's Day out Savusavu

A daysail took us to the island of Makogai. As pretty as this island is, the really spectacular scenery is underwater.

Giant clam Makogai 1

Makogai fish 1

We were given a tour of the marine reserve where tanks are used as a clam nursery. The larger clams can fend for themselves out in the lagoon.

Sara explaining clams Makogai

The island was a leper colony closed in the late ‘60’s. The remains of the buildings, including a jail and the “first movie theater in the Pacific” were interesting to explore.

Open air jail Makogai

Makogai outdoor movie theater

In the water, we found that the clam beds literally had beds! The bed frames from the leper hospital were recycled for the effort to nurture clams.

giant clam bed

clam beds Makogai

We learned that the clams actually contribute to the water clarity by their constant siphoning.

giant fish Makogai

giant clam Makogai 2

The waters were teeming with fish. Peter is behind this school of barracuda.

barracuda and Peter Makogai

anemone fish

Makogai fish 2

Makogai coral 1

Makogai coral 2

Makogai coral 3

Makogai fish 3

Makogai fish 7

Makogai fish 5

Makogai fish 6

Makogai soft coral

It is just as well that such interesting scenery was available underwater, because it just got warmer and warmer onboard Marcy. It was a relief to jump overboard!

hot day on Marcy at Makogai

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