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Sunday, November 04, 2007

This is not a vacation... it's an adventure! (Ginger) 22 deg 02 min S 175 deg 08 min E

So, finally, over a year into this trip we have come to an understanding. I will stop looking for Mai Tai's on every beach and will know that when the cabin is swarmed by hungry sand flies it's all part of the adventure! This is my new mantra as I swallow another stugeron pill for sea sickness. When we left the marina we were anchored next to some friends we met in Samoa. They went across the island by bus and we watched their boat and had the use of their dinghy. We decided after working like
crazy to finish boat jobs that it was the perfect time to get groceries and check out of the country. Many boats that had been poised to leave Fiji for the last month took off for NZ Friday and we decided to follow Saturday. Michele and Carol got back from Suva at 3P Saturday and by 3:30 we were underway and checking into the Seafarer's Net. We motored through the pass in the reef just after sun set and as dark approached we raised the sail on our course for NZ. We've been close hauled ever since.
Our first day we went 150 miles in 10 - 15 knot winds. By yesterday afternoon the wind had picked up to 20 knots and we had a second reef in the main sail. At sunset last night Peter reefed the jib and we rocketed along in 25+ knot winds all night. We went 100 miles from 3:30P to 3:30A and it looks as if we'll turn in a 180 mile day today. The weather still looks good. We have some lighter winds in the forecast and are hearing reports from boats just 100 miles ahead that they're in them with
calmer seas. When we finally slow down the less jerky motion will be welcome. The wind is expected to come from the North North East tomorrow or the next day and we should be able to head straight for Opua. There was one small (but important!) island we needed to miss and we passed it 30 miles to the east a couple of hours ago so we've got open ocean for a while and we're enjoying the ride. The nights have been cool and we're already wearing fleece and poly pro at night but we've still got tropical
sun during the day and cabin temp about 90 degrees. The flying fish are out and the sun is on the waves and now that we're getting our sea legs again we're reminded why we're out here.



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