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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ready to leave Opua!

Today was a big day for Marcy! The mechanic came out to the boat today and finished (sort-of) the job on the engine and we're up and running again. We'll need to come back after Christmas as a few more parts need replacing but in the meantime we're on our way.

We can hardly wait to untie the dock lines and head out to see this bay that we've heard so much about. We'll make one more trip to town tomorrow, get a few groceries and be off to quiet anchorages where photo ops will no doubt abound. On every walk and trip to town so far we've forgotten the camera or neglected to pull it out and use it. The weather is warming up and small anchorages are calling. If we don't get some scallops soon we could be accused of all talk and no action!

We have a few new photos and we'll post them as soon as we have a good enough connection.

Cheers for now!



At 1:59 PM, Blogger Darrell said...

We have been cruising vicariously through your blog THANK YOU. We are now cruising down the inland waterway with our parents on their trawler. We will spend Jan-Feb on WIZ in sea of cortez. Wish we were in NZ with you guys. Cooper is getting big. Lost your email address in a drowned computer. Drop us an email at wizclark@msn.com we woild love to catch up.

Crew of WIZ.


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