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Friday, October 26, 2007

Vuda Point, Fiji (Ginger)

The boat is out of the water having the bottom painted right now. We arrived in Lautoka on Wednesday night, anchored in breezy N wind conditions with chop bouncing the boat at anchor and checked into Lautoka with customs in the mornining. We were grateful for the north wind as the soot from the sugar cane refinery was blown ashore rather than on the boat as with the prevailing wind direction for that anchorage. After checking in we called the boat yard and painters and they confirmed that they could haul the boat Thursday, paint Friday and have us back in the water by Saturday. Of course, there's an extra fee for launching the boat Saturday that the marina didn't mention so we're staying until Monday to let the paint dry.
We're working on some boat things and glad for the afternoon breeze that's been keeping things cool!



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