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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Apia, Western Samoa

We anchored in 30 knots of wind yesterday afternoon in Apia, Western Samoa. It was a fast and bumpy overnight passage from Pago. We were happy to haul our anchor out of the Pago Pago bay mud - without a hitch. While we were there we helped several boats untangle from cables and debris in the bay. We checked into Western Samoa yesterday afternoon and this morning (a lengthy process including customs, quarantine, Harbour Master, immigration and health.) This morning all of our office visits were completed in tropical a downpour which cleared just in time to bring our computer into the internet cafe.
We've got several electrical things to repair (HF radio, computer, inverter) and are still catching up on sleep from the passage here. The tropical air, and sea air are taking their toll and we're redoubling our efforts to repair and protect our electronics.



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