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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pago Pago, American Samoa

Our passage to Pago Pago was a quick one. If we were wallowing like a pig in the light winds to get to Suwarrow we were rolling like a dog all the way to American Samoa. It was rough enough that using the pressure cooker was difficult as the stove would gimbal the pot right into the cupboard on every roll. One particularly awkward roll came just as I was transferring soup from the pot to a bowl. Fortunately though both hands were full I was able to stand on the bulkhead behind me for the roll and never spilled a drop!
We started having radio trouble as we got ready to check into the Seafarer's Net on the 15th. Peter was able to fix it by cleaning the wire terminal ends. That fix was short lived and by check-in time on the 16th, after an hour of clipping rotten wire and trying to connect we were able to hear everyone but we couldn't transmit. Talk about frustrating listening to people call you and not being able to respond!
Fortunately we had left Suwarrow with Paddy West's and had been in contact with them regularly as well. We even had a photo op with them as we sailed near eachother for a little while. David was able to report in to Seafarer's that all was well on board and we were just having radio trouble. He was having trouble with his VHF radio antenna so once our SSB radio was out we couldn't communicate with them but it was fun to be travelling within a few miles of another boat and to be able to check in with them while it lasted.
We're now anchored in Pago Pago harbour near Paddy West's. We arrived, as seems to be our SOP at 1:00 AM and anchored with no problem. We spent the morning of the 17th clearing in with the 6 different entities (customs, immigration, health, agriculture, harbour master, port control.) We went to the post office to collect a few books we had ordered and were able to make it back to the boat in time for a nap. Yesterday we explored the commercial district looking for antenna wire. No luck. This is definitely more south pacific island than American shopping mecca! We're going to order the wire to be shipped and move on to the other jobs on the list.



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