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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tahiti (Peter)

Our first impression of Papeete is of the unrelenting car (and bus and truck) traffic. It is a lively interesting city, but it would be the best city in the world to convert to electric cars. Our eyes watered in the dust and smog, and we winced at the noise. Marcy’s decks and rigging grew dirtier every day.

Papeete street

Thankfully we didn’t drive anywhere, we used the public transportation called "le truck." We love the concept of a bus without schedules. One just waits for the next le truck. It won’t take long!

inside le truck

Papeete was a wonderful place to reprovision, but the big city took some getting used to. After all we hadn't seen a supermarket for over three months. On our first shopping try, we had to make a hasty retreat to the boat to escape the musak and air conditioning. Soon we got used to the bustle and convenience of the city. All types of food and yacht gear are available. We finally obtained propane, and repaired our muffler. One of the good shopping spots is the downtown market, complete with live entertainment.

Papeete market

Tahitian trio

Peter was even able to find a coupe-coupe or French Polynesian machete. It’s smaller than the Mexican type, but with a thicker heavier blade, and is perfect for opening coconuts and cutting fruit. It has a nice balance to it – good for chopping.


Visible in the above image is the tattoo on Peter’s ankle. Facing forward is a Tiki (who is himself tattooed) for vision and power when danger is encountered. On the aft side is a Marquesan cross to protect the rear. Very useful for any sailor. On the subject of tattoos and by popular demand; Ginger’s turtle is a symbol of wisdom, and incorporates a fishhook, a symbol of creation.

Ginger & tortue

Our anchorage was a crossroads with yachts of all countries anchored nearby.

anchorage taina, tahiti

Racing canoes and even a sailing canoe passed through the anchorage every day.

racing canoes tahiti

sailing pirogue

The nearby marina had a sprinkling of megayachts.

megayachts taina

We had spectacular views of the neighboring island, Moorea, and heard the boom of the surf all night long.

Moorea sunset from Tahiti



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