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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Vaitahu Bay (Peter)

Our last anchorage in the Marquesas was pretty Vaitahu Bay, notable for a quai landing that took all of our skills to negotiate – at least on high surf days. We used the inflatable kayak “Red Dogfish” for its maneuverability, and because it was light enough to lift quickly out of the way between waves.

Vaitahu quay

transportation at Vaitahu

The villagers were very friendly, and we quickly met an interesting group of people, including party loving Teii, Fati the tattoo artist, his brother Edwin, and the group of kids that swam off the quai every afternoon.

Teii and Peter

Edwin and Teii, Vaitahu

On the way to work, Vaitahu

Buddies, Tahuata

Teii took us on tours of a banana plantation, copra work, and archeological sites.

Copra drying, Vaitahu

Banana Vaitahu

ancient village, Vaitahu

Teii's tiki tour

Teii always carried his machete and a tour with Teii included many samples of delicious fruit fresh from the tree.

Mmmm, fresh pamplemousse!

wild orchids, Tahuata

Papaya, Tahuata

Teii getting beverages

Vaitahu flower

Since we had the good luck of anchoring in front of the village where the best traditional tattoo artist in the Marquesas happens to live, we were eager to meet him. His office was a small building near the stream.

Fati's office

Fati gave both of us beautiful reminders of the Marquesas…….

Peter and Fati tattoo

It only hurt a little bit……

Ginger candid shot

As wonderful as the Marquesas are, we still needed to move on to the Tuamotus, where we had been told to expect amazing clear water and incredible snorkeling. So with the help of our friend Teii we loaded Marcy with as much fruit as we thought we could eat.

Fresh fruit ready for passage

Peter at Vaitahu

The supply ship Aranui 3 called at the bay so we were able to buy a few stores for our upcoming passage.

Aranui 3, supply ship, Vaitahu

We experienced the bittersweet feelings all cruisers have when it is time to say goodbye, hoisted sail, and set off for Makemo Atoll in the Tuamotus. A rain shower and a rainbow set the stage for our departure.

Rain Shower Vaitahu



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