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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Fakarava 5/27/07 16deg 30'S 145deg 27'W (still) - Ginger

We've spent the last two mornings drift diving through the southern pass here at Fakarava. There are an incredible assortment of fish, coral, rays and sharks. We've seen more types of fish and coral than we can count. Luckily we can count the sharks!
The anchorage is beautiful, the type of place pictured in the tourist brochures. There is a pension here with small water's edge grass roofed huts, it's quiet and in the evening if the breeze is light the scent of tropical flowers wafts to the boat.
This is what we traveled all this way to experience. We've been looking ahead at our time in the South Pacific as it takes some planning to fit in all the countries along the way and still get out of the way of cyclone season. We're mapping out our course which currently hopefully includes Society Islands, Suwarrov Atoll (Cook Islands), American Samoa (for some items we need to order), Tonga, Fiji...not sure where to after that.
It's also been a time to reexamine storage on the boat and if ever there was a time to consider getting rid of clothes it's when the attire is mostly bikinis and paraus. The turtle necks are now in the get off the boat pile though the fleece is still on board for the higher latitudes.
We'll do one more swim through the pass in the morning and then start our trip to the north end of the island. We're looking forward to getting diesel, water and fresh veggies and eggs (same old story!)



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