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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The SE trades 10:00AM 4/4 - 02 09N, 129 21W (Ginger)

So far the South East trades have been kind to us. We have less wind and waves than we did up north and yet we're making the same mileage as the roughest weather days last week. Unfortunately, the forecast is for the winds to completely die right about when we reach 05 degrees South. There's a cyclone south of Tahiti and it's going to suck all our wind away for a couple of days. We won't be complaining though. We may get that ocean swim after all. I was afraid we'd be blown all the way to the
Marquesas without even one calm sea day. We're thoroughly enjoying calm seas and light winds and making great time with the sun out, the spinnaker up and lots of solar energy going into our batteries. The boat repairs are holding well and the plug in the muffler seems to have swelled as planned and made our leak a tiny drip for now. The waves are so much smaller we might be able to see more marine mammals now so we're keeping our eyes peeled for whales.
We got an email from another boat just a couple of days behind us. They've had to sew the entire foot of their jib back on and their boom vang sheered off the base of the mast. Sounds as if everyone has had something to deal with. Too bad there isn't a floating marine supply store out here in the middle!
We discovered there's a strong current here setting us west so we're keeping our course more south and letting the water push us toward the islands. Don't want to get blown right past them!
Today, life is great aboard Marcy.



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