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Sunday, April 15, 2007

French Polynesia! Apr 14, 2007 Taiohae, Nuku Hiva (Peter and Ginger)

Since we arrived at Nuku Hiva we've checked in to the country, gotten our visas extended so we can stay 90 days, spoken a lot of french and met some cruisers in the anchorage. It would be wrong of us not to mention that we have gotten baguettes from the boulangerie and a number of pastries too. It's very humid here so everything wilts a little more than in France - myself included. We are struggling to adjust from the "4 on 4 off" watch schedule of our life at sea, to being awake in the day and
asleep at night. We are waking up with a start several times a night, thinking that the boat needs attention, and we seem to want to sleep much of the day. We guess the watch schedule agreed with us.

We are currently in the biggest town in the Marquesa's. We've never been to a town this small let alone the main business center for a large group of islands. There are reportedly 1500 residents here in Taohae and they all to a person attended the soccer tournament yesterday. If we'd known how long it was going to last we would have gotten in the dinghy and found the field. We could hear cheering all afternoon and it sounded as if a good time was had by all. The "Tahiti Nui" interisland ferry
took a couple of teams home late in the afternoon.

We have found internet access here and are working on updating photos and a photo posting about the passage. We were able to upload only 5 photos in an hour before we had low battery problems. As the power is 220v here we can only use our computer as long as the battery holds out. We'll go armed with a memory stick tomorrow so we can use one of their computers.

This morning we hiked up the valley to an archeological site, passing neighborhoods on the way. We were both struck that the scenery was similar to parts of Hawaii. We were reminded of a hike we took on Kauai. There are goats, pigs, horses, dogs, chickens, and fruit trees in people's yards. As the terrain became steeper, the vegetation thicker, and the houses sparse, we came to an ancient stone road disappearing in the jungle. We followed it and came to a ceremonial site that has been restored, with
stone platforms and thatched roofs and walls surrounding a small square. There were carved stone figures half hidden in the undergrowth. It was interesting to imagine life in the old days, and that Herman Melville might have walked down this very road.

We've washed our clothes and hung them out to dry. Marcy looks like a real cruising boat now! We've provisioned with fresh fruit and baguettes, and are looking forward to sailing to the next bay.



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