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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Wind and more wind! N 11 deg 18 min, W 117 deg 29 min 11:30A Seattle time 1830 zulu (Ginger)

We thought we were just in a little bit of wind that was coming from California but it turns out this may be our wind for the next 4-5 days. We're having a great passage it's just more athletic than I'd planned. Forget yoga or sit ups. Standing up at the nav desk writing on the computer is a full workout. Yesterdays dinner of cold refried beans and roast beef out of the can on cold flour tortillas was OK when we thought we'd be more comfortable soon but now it seems I'm going to have to get better
at cooking while everything is rolling around. Definitely a good time to use that pressure cooker. Last night I tracked my first squall on the radar. It stayed north of us about 2 miles but was a very dark cloud that came all the way down to the water and had a bit of lightning too. It was a very dark night last night with lots of clouds but finally about 4AM the dolphins arrived and the water started glowing again for the rest of the morning. We've gone 1042 miles now, day 8 and it's fun to
see the miles ticking away. Peter has been MacGyverin' little fixes and stowing solutions as the needs arise and life on board is comfortable.



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