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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

One reef or two? and would you like spray with that wave? N11 47, W 115 17, 3:30 local (Ginger)

So far the question of this passage has been should we have one reef or two in our main sail. On a passage which traditionally starts out with no wind we're thrilled to have so much but too much of a good thing can get uncomfortable. Well, today we got a lot of wind. We were just getting ready to change our clocks back an hour because we've reached long 115W. The wind had been building but these things happen occasionally. Right when it started building we took a wave over our bow that came
back across the deck and dumped water in our open companionway and an inch or so of water in the cockpit. That really got our attention. Soon the question of the day was should we have the jib or the storm staysl up. We spent the last 4 hours under jib and storm staysl. We've had steady 35 knots of wind and 10-12 foot seas. Hope springs eternal and we keep assessing if the seas are getting smaller and the wind lighter but it seems that this is continuing. So, for now Peter was able to whip
a chafe guard on the main halyard, opportunist that he is, and we're hanging on as we roll our way south west. We had cheese and crackers for lunch as the galley is uncomfortable right now. OK, Peter won't let me use the stove, he's afraid of what I'll do to myself and the boat in these conditions! Last night we had smooth waves and winds out of the NE at about 20 knots. We've heard the NE trades described as a magic carpet ride and we were celebrating that we might be in them. We'd like to
get back to those fantastic conditions soon. We're happy with the time we're making toward the Marquesas. Today was our third 160 mile day in a row. We'll write more as conditions improve. (Hope still springs eternal)



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