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Thursday, March 22, 2007

First day back at sea - pos 16 deg, 53 min N, 102 deg, 19 min W (Ginger)

It's 8:45PM and we've been underway for 12 hours. We hauled up both anchors at 6:00 this morning, though the stern anchor didn't fare well in Zihua. After fueling at Ixtapa we were underway before 9AM. We motored until noon when we started sailing close hauled into a westerly. We've had to sail further south than our intended course but we're grateful to have such steady wind. It was sunny and 85 degrees even out here at sea today and the red sunset was almost as beautiful as the stars and moon
are tonight. We were accompanied by dolphins several times and passed numerous turtles on our way out. We've figured out our watch and radio schedules and are starting to settle into the sea routine. There were still a few things to be stowed, lashed and otherwise dealt with as we converted the boat back to a sea going vessel today. It's tough changing from a house to a boat sometimes. We definitely maintained our sea legs in Zihua so I'm particularly happy to report that we both enjoyed dinner
this afternoon. It was good to leave with several meals in the fridge even if I did buy them at the Commercial Mexicana deli! Sad to say goodbye to Zihua and Mexico where we met so many wonderful people, cruisers and land dwellers.



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