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Friday, January 12, 2007

It's HOT in Zihuatanejo! (Ginger)

We've been here almost 2 weeks.  We have had time to explore the city, buy some groceries, have all of our winches fixed and we both spent a week in bed with fevers and various other unmentionable symptoms.  It's hard to be happy when you're sick and I think a fever feels even hotter when it's 90 degrees out.  But, we are anchored in a beautiful bay surrounded by steep hills covered in palm trees and if you have to be sick it's a great place to be.  Still, hearing about snow at home made me miss the cold weather.  What a winter!  All those snow days off work, I'm really sad I missed this year there.
When we started feeling better we looked at the bottom of the boat and discovered the growth has been tremendous in the last couple of weeks.  We removed barnacles just before we left Melaque and it's time to go in the water again.  I've been assured the crocodiles don't come out of the lagoon just 1/4 mile from here so we're headed in. 



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