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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Marcy is now in the Tropics

We like birds, so Isla Isabella - a small island where lots of seabirds nest – seemed like a good place to visit as we made our passage from Baja to the mainland.

I isabella anchorage

Boobies on cliff

The anchorage was an open roadstead on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, exposed, dangerous, and rough, so our sleep was uneasy. Even so, it was such a fascinating place that we spent two days and nights here. We learned about boobies, both blue and yellow footed, frigate birds, and saw our first tropic birds. Iguanas and other lizards roam the island.

I Isabel frigate 1

Isla Isabel reptiles


nesting boobie on 2 eggs

We loved Isla Isabella, bird heaven!

Ginger on Boobie island

Peter and boobie

Our first mainland landfall, after crossing the Sea of Cortez, was Chacala. We arrived just before sunset, dropped the anchor and sat on deck to absorb the ambience. The air was warm and humid. It felt somehow….tropical.

Peter chacala

The next morning, shore party! We explored dirt and cobble roads, tiny shops, and palapas – palm thatched beach restaurants.

Chacala beach and palapas

downtown Chacala

main road Chacala

The vegetation is luscious, the air is soft and warm, and the sounds of surf, birds and music are everywhere.

Chacala house

store front chacala

We anchored next to “La Solana” who we first met at Isabella, and since they had two athletic young boys on board, we set up a rope swing on Marcy’s spinnaker pole.

Michael rope swing

After a couple of enjoyable days, we hauled anchor and headed for La Cruz, Banderas Bay. We caught a nice Sierra on the way, one of the tastier fish available here.

Peter's Sierra B. de Banderas

We are here to pick up our daughter, Lisa, for a visit onboard Marcy for a couple of weeks. It will be great to see her!



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