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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Headed south for Bahia Santa Maria

We had a great stay in Turtle Bay, with warm sunny weather and a nice rest from traveling. We tried out our Spanish, sampled some local food, and beer, took a walk on the beach, met a rattlesnake - a reminder that we are in desert country. As the Baja HaHa fleet started arriving yesterday morning we started thinking about moving on. This morning we awoke to a forest of masts anchored around us, well over 120 boats where there had been 6, and we knew it was time to move on. As a plus, great winds were forecast and have come true as promised. It was fun as we weaved our way through the fleet to spot many boats we recognized and some we knew. We swung by Kinship and chatted for a minute, then set sail for Bahia Santa Maria. We are currently following Baloo down the coast and feeling luck to be here. It is November and we are sailing in shorts and t-shirts in a 20 knot breeze!



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