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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Turtle Bay - Bahia Tortugas or Bahia San Bartolome Sun 10/29 11:05 AM central time (Ginger)

We're just 7 miles from our first anchorage in Mexico. We left San Diego Thursday afternoon at 4:45P and have sailed and motored on and off since then. Just south of Ensenada there were fires which we watched all night. It looked as if they were very close to homes. There were beautiful sun sets and sun rises as a result of all the smoke. We flew the spinnaker all day yesterday and have (mostly) had great downwind/down swell sailing conditions. The new mast step is doing it's job beautifully and the boat has performed well. During a sail change last night Peter put his hand on something slimy in the dark. Turns out it was a small squid. Upon further inspection in the light of day there were a number of squid on the deck. Being sleepy and still steeped in NW culture, at first Peter thought he had encountered a fishy slug. We caught a small striped bonito this morning and shortly after that were visited by dolphins. Saw several flying fish, though none of those came aboard. We have ditched the ski hats and gloves and are warm with just a foul weather jacket at night. Nice change from wearing the full foul weather get-up. It's overcast and 73 balmy degrees right now and we're already enjoying the warmer climate. We're looking forward to our anchorage in Turtle Bay and hopefully some lobster from the local fishermen.



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