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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Getting ready for the next hop (10/25, 3:55P - Ginger)

We've turned off the cell phones, shopped and put away the food so we're almost ready to leave. One more trip to Downwind Marine, fuel dock, pump out and maybe even the grocery store and we'll be on our way. We hope the last storm of the season was Paul. Living in the calm water of San Diego for the last month means we have to look around the boat carefully for potential projectiles and put things away. Peter is making new lazy jacks to catch the sail when we lower it. The boat list never ends but we can move to warmer weather to work on more projects. We went to a party Monday night organized by Kinship and saw many of our Seattle neighbors as well as other cruisers heading south. I'm sad to think about our old neighborhood splitting up at Shilshole.
My focus now is lobster. I've heard there are fishermen who will sell lobsters on the way down the coast and I'm looking forward to that first dinner. The lobster only live south of Santa Barbara and north of Cabo so sea queasiness aside I'm planning a few lobster dinners before we're out of that zone.



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