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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Back afloat in San Diego (Ginger)

Friday the 13th was a great day for Marcy and crew. The morning started with a little rain, the deck got painted anyway and the boat was launched early afternoon. It was a great end to a busy week of projects and errands. We saw our nephew and his wife Tasha Tuesday. We toured the Midway aircraft carrier museum, finished making curtains for all the ports, got all the land projects wrapped up on the boat and numerous trips to the marine stores completed. We had a plan to see the Imax film "The Coral Reef" Friday night and were able to enjoy a leisurely bike ride there, watch the movie and an adventure ride home in the dark. Saturday began with a huge rain storm that flooded parts of the boat yard for a few hours and cleaned the sidewalks nicely. It was great to finally see our first rain since leaving Seattle at the beginning of August. We decided that's a record for us to go over 2.5 months without seeing a drop of rain. Saturday afternoon we had a visit from our niece Melissa, her husband Mel and their kids Miles (favorite phrase "excuse me") and Melina. Miles couldn't get enough of the boat and Melina even warmed up to it after she got aboard. Today was a day to wrap up mast touch up paint and get ready for stepping the mast Monday or Tuesday. After that a trip to Costco and some stowing and we'll be ready to head south.



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