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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sunday August 13, 2006, Ft. Bragg north of SF, CA n 39deg 24.681', W 123 deg 50.678' (Leigh)

Our plan was to head west and miss the gale forming just north of San Francisco. That would have been good but on day 2 the weather reports said our course was already experiencing strong winds and building seas. We second guessed our decision (or Peter was kind to me)and we came back in closer to shore chasing the better weather reports. (We had never before heard a "Hazardous Seas Warning," certainly not for someplace we were sailing!) That's the problem with chasing better weather, we were behind it in strong winds and big waves. It was the hardest test of my physical, mental and emotional strength I've ever been through. Our little storm was nothing compared to really bad weather, the boat never broached, we only had a few waves come over the decks and the cockpit stayed relatively dry. I just hadn't really planned on being in areas where the waves were that big.. While Peter has been tirelessly working on getting the boat ready for this trip I've been focused on saying goodbye to friends and family and getting the checking accounts in order. I was still sad about leaving Seattle and should have spent more mental energy on where we were going and what was involved in getting there. This is however the best bar none diet and exercise program I've ever been on. The appetite is gone and the physical demands have been high. No problem not having access to a yoga studio or bike yet!
Here's something else I learned, when it seems like you're landing on your head down below, go up on deck, it's amazing how this boat stays on top of very high steep waves when the water has fallen away under us.
After our overnight stop at Shelter Cove (which only provides shelter from the north) we left in a southerly wind this morning. We're motoring south and will decide in a few hours to stop in San Francisco or continue on south. Definitely looking forward to sunny skies and a couple of days to rest at a quiet anchorage. It is a huge luxury to have email and it's been great to hear from people. Thanks for staying in touch.



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