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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Santa Catalina Island, Twin Harbors, Thursday 8/31 9:00AM (Ginger)

The Oxnard stop was good for getting provisions and we met the nicest couple. Deidre and Brian took us to the farmers market where we got great produce and fresh tacos. Then Deidre took me to get an anchor at W. Marine and a huge provisioning trip at the grocery store. It had been almost a month since our trip provisioning and it was great to be able to buy the heavy stuff. They have a nicely trained 7 month old puppy and it was great to get some dog time in. They were the highlight of our visit to Oxnard. Otherwise it's an inner city stop, our shoreside bathrooms were the public park bathrooms and our boat was tied up at the park dock.
We sailed down from Oxnard Tuesday and had a sunny light wind trip. Arrived at Catalina Harbour at sunset and anchored at the entrance. It is the most comfortable anchorage we've stayed in so far. We're more protected from swell, wind and waves than we have been previously. We took the dinghy ashore and walked to Twin Harbours about 5 minutes across the isthmus. Got some gear stowage taken care of yesterday and organized provisions. A never ending process it seems.
This morning we're ashore and enjoying the patio and wireless connection at the snack bar. This place is kind of like summer camp for the whole family. We've heard it will get really busy this weekend (Labor Day) so we're not sure if we're just going to stay put or find a smaller bay to weather out the traffic. We've heard (from Ken - our Shilshole neighbor) the diving is great so we'll have to get out the snorkel gear and check out the fish.



At 12:41 PM, Blogger tracey said...

Hi Ginger~ Tracey Lightburn here. Sounds like you're doing great and I'm so happy for you! I am thinking of you today because Don's cousins are in town and we are taking them to sushi! Keep up the great blogging...it is a pleasure to read and feel connected. Be well.


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