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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Pacific Ocean, 151 miles west of Depoe Bay, OR 17:30 (Leigh)

Sushi for lunch! Peter caught an albacore today. It was about 20 lbs and the freshest sushi I've ever had the pleasure of eating. It was a beautiful quiet night last night. Saw a lot of fishing boats off the Columbia River and were out 175 miles this morning when we finally jibed to start heading south. Happily the wind is cooperating and sending us more toward our desired course now. Sunny afternoon, light northerly winds, light swell, great sailing. The water is a beautiful blue out here. It's not the familiar green/grey of our home waters!



At 1:05 PM, Blogger Sara said...

L&P--I am so enjoying following your trip so far. And Ethel (Leigh's grandmother) is loving following as well. She got her Atlas out to keep track of you. So far none none of your locations has changed borders or governments since her atlas was published.


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