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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

August 8, 2006 -17:25, 100 miles off Ocean Shores 46deg 53.73'N, 126 deg 57.49'W (Leigh)

We've been at sea 36 hours now. We're settling in to our 4 hour watch routine. We saw some grey whales Monday morning, lots of sea birds and some sun fish. The night watch was far more interesting than expected. We started out with a sun set and a moon rise both drawing our attention at the same time. The clouds got thicker about 10PM so the moonlight was all but gone. We passed what looked like an aircraft carrier and it was really easy to see that in the dark. There were squid glowing in our bow wave off and on all night and at one point some porpoises scooted around our boat for about 15 minutes. It seems like there shouldn't be any traffic this far from shore but there are a lot of fishing boats out here. So, the routine is sleep, eat, watch, adjust sails etc. We talked with Kinship this morning and they are 300 miles south of us in completely calm waters with no wind. We're hoping to pass off Cape Mendocino with enough wind to keep going but clear of the gale that's showing up in the 48 hour forecast. Looking forward to sunny skies and warm waters!



At 9:43 AM, Blogger Edie said...

It is amazing how connected the boating community is! It often extends to the folks left behind on land..."The aircraft carrier that was seen was the Abrahm Lincoln returning from deployment. I talked to Hans, who reported that he talked to the couples headed south. The ones going to San Francisco and the couple going on to San Diego. Hope that they enjoyed the conversation."
Uncle buck

At 1:42 PM, Blogger jeffnaon said...

Hi Leigh. I enjoy reading the blogs and it sounds like you are having an interesting time finding your groove. Have a great adventure! Jeff


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