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Monday, September 24, 2012

Two Year Update

"The days seem long but the years are short."

On the two year anniversary of our return home from cruising, we find ourselves with one foot on land and one at sea. We are still living aboard Marcy and connected to the sailing community, but we are working hard at our jobs (yes, gasp, we are both employed) and fully entangled again in land life complexities. Lucky for us, dock life is salty and we get a daily dose of maritime things - fog, seagulls, comings and goings of neighbor boats, and chat about which maintenance products work the best.

 Friends visit

Our gear continues to evolve. We traded our aluminum dinghy and outboard for a sailing dinghy that has been used well this summer by our daughter and her fiance.

sailing dinghy

We now use an electric dinghy motor called the "electric paddle" that has been fun and easy to use. There is no perfect answer to the dinghy and motor question - rigid or inflatable, big motor or small, but we have gradually moved to our current preferences. Rigid dingy (tough, efficient to row, impervious to tropical sun) and very small motor (easy to lift and store) are the choices for us. We hope the electric motor will prove out to be a good choice on board. It is a relief to not store any gasoline on board at all. It certainly is fun to use around the marina!

 using the electric paddle

Summer in Seattle presented us with an excellent crabbing season with but with a few challenges. We lost 3 pots in one set (Peter theorizes a rogue vessel tangling the warps, Ginger says pirates) but we replaced them and went on to harvest crab successfully for several more weeks.

 2012 Dungeness Crab

We've taken a few (very few) short (very short) cruises in Puget Sound and can't wait for a bit more vacation time to get off the dock and venture further. Peter bought an ancient BMW motorcycle and  has been enjoying commuting to work on it.

new moto

We have  interrupted our fall maintenance projects several times to wave goodbye to friends heading south. We feel a strong  pull to go sailing again, so we'll be following their travels with great interest.

friends depart

In the meantime, off to work we go! All is well with the crew of Marcy