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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Patching the Old Girl Up (Marcy, that is...)

Neptuno Egret

Our last weeks in San Fernando were a blur of work, play and more work. We got more projects completed here in a shorter time than ever before. It would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of Miguel. He cheerfully dropped by the boat regularly with a bit of this or a part (repuesto) to finish up a job. From mechanical jobs to electrical jobs with messy fiberglass jobs in between he was willing to tackle it all. What got done? Stern to bow:

New gaskets and latches on lazarette hatches * outboard rail mount * installed stove, chimney, new fuel tank and fuel transfer pump * rudder stem patch

chimney install P n M . stove discussions P n M

* moved tuner, new copper ground and installed new radio * settee ends for stove area * new woofer * repaired starter * new alternator brushes * replaced cracked heat exchanger end cap * improved galley stowage for sea * increased clearance for stove gimball * sealed cockpit floor hatch

Miguel wiring radio . Miguel gaskets

* new gaskets in all opening hatches and ports * new hoses and fittings for soft fuel tank * jib pole releases repaired * latches and gasket for anchor locker hatch * bilge pump in anchor locker

Miguel instal bilge pump . repaired jib pole P n M

* improved anchor locker storage * bow nav light installed * storm jib lines run * new control lines for poles * new chocks for anchor *

probar soft fuel tank . P n Hootie Neptuno

If you're in the BA area and need help as we did, we highly recommend Miguel:
mgarberi (at) 2vias.com.ar
phone: 54 11 4030 0459

In between all that work we were able to experience more of Argentina:
asado with friends

Asado with Silvia Pablo and Lautero

a tango night at a milonga

tango milonga .. Estela y Martin

our local parilla restaurant

Barbanegra parilla at marina

and even an impromptu photo shoot on Marcy!

photoshoot Neptuno

We also took several trips in to Bs As and were fortunate to visit malba, the Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de BsAs, with friends and knowledgable guides Olga and Silvia.

We leave Buenos Aires humbled by the hospitality shown us during our stay. Though Brazil doesn't claim much in common with Argentina we see the common thread in South America of amazing hosts, generous spirit and warm welcomes which we hope to learn from ourselves.

Today is Thanksgiving at home and we are feeling very thankful for family and good friends.

San Fernando bottle brush

Some other web sites for BsAs:

Olga is an artist, and a great friend: www.olgapita.com.ar

Alejandro helped us get settled and he takes people out on the delta for sailing: www.naveguemosavela.com.ar

Hair salon: www.robertogiordano.com at Abasto shopping mall. Jorge for cut, Diego for color, Martes assistant – best hair wash ever!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Southbound - Argentina

Marcy is on the move. After a quick stop at Mar del Plata, today we are on our way south again to Ushuaia. We are racing an airplane south and if we don't get going soon it will win! Our radio and computer are not speaking to each other so passage updates will be posted later.