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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Water life in Brazil

Abraao Ilha Grande

The pace of life onboard Marcy has slowed to a tropical pace as we explore Brazil's Ilha Grande area. Our first stop at Ilha Grande was the town of Abraao. Touristy ($$$!) but excellent pastries.

downtown Abraao

When it rains, we read, cook, eat, do chores. On nice days, we walk through the jungle, which is crisscrossed by trails. Some of the island dogs have a cheerful habit of accompanying walkers for a while. When we walked over the ridge to visit the opposite side of the island we met a friendly terrier. She was glad to investigate any hole in the sand for us.

terrier dig 1 . terrier dig 2

The beach was wide and beautiful. Brazil truly has the most wonderful beaches we've ever seen.

Ginge and friend Praia de Dois Rios

On another hike, at a small fishing village, a different little dog showed us a couple of abandoned boatbuilding projects. The jungle is claiming the framework of a big schooner.

schooner stem

Ginger waited while Peter climbed through the frames. Remembering stories of recent snake sightings Ginger decided she could see well enough from the beach.

Ginge waits

frames . launch frames

We rested later with our friend, sitting on a schooner mast.

Peter mast step

We had a lunch at the beach front restaurant, as children played at the water's edge.

beach restaurant Japariz . kids play Praia de Japariz

Ginger asks, “Que es mejor? What do you recommend?” (It never works!)

restaurant communication

When a tourist schooner rounded the point and headed for the dock, we were glad to have already eaten.

schooner arrives Japariz

The fishermen repair their nets in the sun.

fishermen Japariz . fixing net Japariz

The boatyard repairs their boats in the sun.

rebuild fishing boat

There is a wide variety of fishing boat types. Some have a pretty fantail stern

fantail stern

The boats are interesting and diverse. No two are alike.

getting gear ready . little longliner

Michelle . Ryan

From the outlying villages, school kids go to school by boat.

school bus

Back on the trail, we passed little houses nestled in the trees.

steps in jungle

house inland

Anywhere there are Brazilians, there is football.


This open air kitchen shows the owner is a practical person. If the electric appliance doesn't work anymore, build a fire on top!

stove . wagon


We are aware that our time in this lush land is running out. Our visas will expire in a couple of weeks, and we must head south into winter. So we're enjoying the flowers while we can.

flower ilha grande

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