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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tramping around in NZ

Yes, Marcy is still in New Zealand. The interior projects are done and the fiberglass dust is finally out of the boat.

Waitangi Treaty Grounds haka practice

Ginger tells us what she thinks of fiberglass dust.

To celebrate completing the big project of re-installing all of the ports (writing this in heavy rain we’re glad to report that they don’t leak…yet) we took a “great walk” the Tongariro Northern Circuit, around a couple of volcanoes in the Tongariro National Park.

Mt Ngauruhoe

Mt. Ruapehu

The trails in this park are heavily used, so it is good that most of it is very well engineered, with stairs, bridges, gravel, drains, and reinforcing walls.

trail crew lunch

Sign posts and wands are everywhere.

the view from the top -  clouds

They use a helicopter to bring loads of gravel for the trail bed.

trail work chopper

Fall is well underway at this altitude,

climbing day 2 Tongariro

so we were grateful for the sleeping huts available each night.

night 2 Oturere hut

Hut camping night 1 Tongariro

Peter sweeps the hut - Oturere

We met and traveled with a cheerful and fun loving group of Kiwi nurses and paramedics. James is a good guide - as a ski patroller for the nearby resort he knows the area well. We hope they'll stay in touch. Maybe we'll see them in our travels.

Our hiking friends James, Michelle, Sally

Ginger, Peter, James, Michelle Mt. Ruapehu

We left the park with sore joints, blisters, and aching shoulders - and very grateful that we got a chance to see this part of New Zealand.

Tongariro sunset

fall flowers - Tongariro

We’re eager to embark on the next leg of the voyage. With luck on the last few jobs – anchor roller, rigging items, rudder seal, provisioning – we’ll be sailing north to Opua in a couple of weeks. We’ll take off from there, when the wind looks good, to head for New Caledonia.

New Zealand fern