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Monday, March 17, 2008

What’s new with Marcy?

Ginger’s sister Edie is visiting.

Edie's first night in NZ

Ginger’s mother Sara was also planning to visit at the same time. Her trip ended before it began.

Sara's ambulance ride

After a bad fall, instead of getting on the plane she got some titanium in her arm!

Here at Riverside in Whangarei there is a nice little motel right next to the boat yard. Since Marcy is undergoing dusty and smelly restoration, Edie is staying there.

Whangarei motel

It’s wonderful to have a place to retreat for a meal when the boat is dirty and messy.

dinner chez Edie

Our life is focused. We work on Marcy.


And we explore.

ocean beach with Cynthia

Edie, Ginger, and Cynthia from neighbor boat Rontu enjoyed a day at the beach.

Sometimes, after a day of boatwork, we just go to Hell. For dinner.

hell, great pizza.

During the wet passage to New Zealand, it became apparent that we should glass up four ports – two at the base of the mast where they were a tripping hazard while working at the mast, and two at the stern that were chronic leakers as well as trippers. No worries, we still have 14 ports left!

prepped masked and ready for paint

As part of the same project, we would have an opportunity to repaint the cabin sides, which were an unacceptably hot black color, to white – and as a further bonus, we could add nonskid to the area. To get the best bond for fastening the ports to the cabin sides, it was recommended that we use a two part polyurethane paint. To accomplish this all outside in field conditions, we needed a variety of tarps and awnings.

Edie at the boat

We got a heavy duty sewing machine from our friend Linda from Wintersea, who graciously spent a day showing Ginger how to use it. Our rebuilt anchor winch now has a beautiful cover.

New sailrite sewing machine

We also painted one of the bulkheads in the saloon. Note that on Marcy it is the saloon, like in the old west, not salon, as in a place to get your nails done. We read somewhere that the drinking establishments in the old west were named after the beautifully paneled ships cabins of the era.

saloon after

The clock is ticking – in a few weeks we need to wrap up all the projects and leave New Zealand. We'll have to get underway before all the flowers are gone.

flowers in Russell